Monday, May 2, 2011

Checking in

I am so bad at this blogging thing! I swore I would give timely updates to myself, but clearly I suck at that!
On the weigh front: not great, but not bad. Friday is my weigh in day, and I have kept to that, I just didn’t update my blog. The week before last (Good Friday) I was only down ½ pound. Since that was 2 weeks post-op I was really hoping for a bigger drop. Bummer. I spent a wonderful Easter weekend at the beach with my husband and kids. What an awesome time we had!!! I just love when all four of us are together. I am so grateful that my son goes to school in our town so we get to see him all the time even though he lives on campus, but there is just something perfect about the four of us getting away together. Even if it was just for a weekend, it just restores my soul! This is his week of finals and then he’ll be home for the summer. He is going to take summer classes, but live at home while he does. Yeah!
Going to Myrtle Beach 2 weeks post-op was interesting. I feel 100% normal and I find I am able to eat anything, just not much of it. It is kind of nice, I must admit! I can’t wait to get my first fill, because I really can eat anything. As we all know, being able to eat anything is what led to the need for the lap band in the first place, so this is not where I want to stay. The other part of going to the beach 2 weeks post-op is that I had a bathing suit that fit…sadly! I am the same size I was last year, so all my clothes fit. I just wish they didn’t!! We are going on a cruise in October, so I am really hoping to need new summer clothes for that. Kind of a bummer to have to buy summer clothes for an October trip, and then hope they don’t fit by next spring. I sure hope that is a problem I’ll have. J
So weigh in this past Friday was better…down 2 pounds. Sure didn’t expect that after a weekend at the beach! I find that I think about food ALL DAY! UGH!!! I am hungry, so I have to make a very concerted effort not to fall into old habits and force myself to eat small healthy portions. I sure am hoping this will get a little easier after my fill. Let’s face it, if I had the ability to rely solely on willpower, I wouldn’t have gotten the damn surgery! First fill is two weeks from today!!
I am expecting a very busy week at work, so that is actually good for me. I do so much better eating well when I am at work. Here’s to hoping for another 2 pound loss this week!!


  1. Isn't losing on vacation fun?!?! Don't're still post op...welcome to bandster hell. You'll fill that baby up and the weight will start melting away.

  2. Don't worry, you will definitely need new clothes for your Cruise in October!! You will find that you will lose a lot of inches between now and then!!