Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First fill

So I finally got my long awaited fill yesterday. It was simple, quick and painless…about what I expected. He gave me 1 cc added to the 4 that were in the band from surgery and I am on liquids for 48 hours. So how do I feel? Well, I learned what everyone means when they said they were tight! Especially yesterday, I could get liquids down, but I could really feel the tightness in my chest. So now I am worrying that maybe I am too tight. But crap, I am hungry 1 ½ hours after “eating” my liquid meals so I can’t be too tight! Maybe I should just be patient. Hmmm, that’s a novel concept for me. So now I must finish liquids only today and see if I am hungry tomorrow after actually eating food instead of drinking it. Remember to CHEW and eat SLOWLY. I really haven’t had to do any of that up to this point. Knowing myself the way I do, I’m sure I will learn these lessons the hard way! I will have to remind myself over and over….or I have a feeling this fill will remind me quickly!
But once again, I MUST thank whoever invented Unjury. It is my lifesaver!
Other than that, life is good. Work is crazy. Nothing new.  Sooo looking forward to Memorial Day weekend!! A whole slew of friends and family are gathering at the beach—what could be better?? The gang that is going on the cruise in October is meeting for a pre-cruise party, and much merriment will be made!! There are about 30 of us going, so this is going to be a blast! The thought of getting away for a long weekend gets me through these days at work. It is stressful and not very pleasant right now, so I need something fun to focus on!! Payday is the only bright side right now, but hopefully things will settle down sooner or later. J


  1. It'll loosen up a bit in the coming days. My last fill, I had to eat SOUP slowly for the first couple days...now I'm loose as a goose. Go figure. A beach weekend sounds awesome. I'm long overdue...

  2. Same as manda up there. It'll feel better in a day. I think I am ready for another fill after I get back from the beach! Liquids never filled me up...only solids really. So I know what ya mean. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I've been a little blue for a while but still so happy with the way I feel! We'll try soon I think!