Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feeling hot, hot hot!!

Want to know the greatest thing about living in the South??? A 93º day in May and then coming home to your AC not working.  Arrrg!!! Please tell me that typing this post this counts as exercise since I am SWEATING!!!!
Other than that, all is well.  I’m feeling much better about my first fill, but I already know I will need another one fairly soon. I am full after eating a very small meal, but I am hungry again within 2-3 hours. I am not having trouble eating anything, but I should have listened to all the wise people who said pizza would be troublesome.  I had a small slice of very thin crust pizza on Saturday. I didn’t get sick, but it sure was uncomfortable for about 30 minutes. So not as bad as I have heard others describe, but I won’t be doing that again! I really haven’t tried anything else on the “food to avoid” list, so I haven’t had any other problems.  
I am struggling with what to eat every day. I need to find that groove of what to pack for lunch that is healthy and filling. I am fine with breakfast and dinner, but if anyone has lunch suggestions, I would love to hear them. I have a fridge and a microwave in my office, but I don’t have a regular lunch hour. I just grab something to eat when I can…I know, bad plan!!
Hope everyone has a great week. I am so grateful for the long weekend coming up!!!!


  1. I find that if I keep pepperoni or summer sausage and cheese at work, then I can grab them for lunch whenever and be full on protein for reasonable calories. Don't know if that will work for you.

    I also sometimes make a small baking dish of meatballs with marinara and take 4 at a time in for lunch. I love meatballs- they've been a savior.

  2. Aw! That sucks about the A/C! I hope it gets fixed pronto.

    As for lunch, I always just make a little extra of dinner and take it as aleftover. I also find that chicken/tuna salads work pretty well.